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WHAT ARE IONS? A quick crammer on ions: An ion is any atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron (a teeny-weeny charge of energy, for those who slept through eighth-grade science.) Ions are nothing more than atoms or molecules that have gained or lost an electron. Ions are formed when an electron is detached from a neutral molecule (or atom). The molecule losing an electron becomes a positive ions and the molecules gainning an electron becomes a NEGATIVE ION.

WHAT ARE NEGATIVE IONS?A negative air ion is an oxygen atom or molecule that has gained an electron and a positive air ion is usually a carbon-dioxide molecule that has lost an electron. Nature provides both positive and negative ions in abundance, but when it comes to feeling good, it's the negative ions that are important.

A TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION? Air, like all matter, is made of individual molecules. Each of these molecules, in turn, contains smaller particles of positive and negative charges (protons and electrons). Under normal circumstances there are equal numbers of protons and electrons and their charges cancel out, leaving the molecule electrically neutral. However, the negatively charged electrons are lighter and more mobile. If they absorb energy from say, intense sunlight, they have a tendancy to "jump" from one molecule to another. When a negative charge jumps from a molecule it upsets the equilibrium, leaving behind more positive than negative charges. This molecule is now called a positive ion. The electron arriving at the new molecule, brings with it an extra negative charge. This molecule now becomes a negative ion. When the supply of energy is removed, the electrons will return towards the vacated spaces and everything will return to balance, and zero charge.


The Name “ Ozone “ becomes The year 1785, the German name Van Narum found a fresh grass in the fresh air after . Until 1840 年 the german Schonbein name as greece word “ Ozone”.

What is Ozone Ozone is the gas which contains with light blue, smell as grass, about 1.7 times heavy than air, it is un-combustion ,and the physical constant as below. The Ozone combines as gentle ion, and the status is extremely unstable. It will slowly decompose in normal temperature. It will become oxygen, and will be easily isolate the ozone, and it called “ first born oxygen”, it is extremely activity . The activity only below with fluorine, and it is six hundred to three thousand times to chlorine 。

The character of ozone Ozone has several character such as oxidation, kill bacteria, release smell and to bleach the objects. Ozone can used to purify the water, aquarium, bath water, release the smell of smoke, toilet smell, mold smell etc. It has lots of help no matter to kill bacteria or release smell to purify the environment even medical health care. Once the ozone decompose with material, it will return the original condition as O2. Therefore it will not cause second pollution. ct equipment. 7. Ozone if effective in gaseous form, or as a dissolved gas in water (aqueous form). 8. Ozone dosage is easy to control.

How does ozone generate Natural World:In the Natural word of atmosphere, the minimum ozone will be generate of UV by sun react by O2 molecule .T he air contains includes with 16~20% oxygen. It absorb UV lamp to isolate the oxygen to atom status. The air contains with 16~20% Oxygen, and it absorb the UV light of sun to isolate the O2 as atom status. It combine with other O2 will generate ozone. The ozone quantity in air remains balance The bacteria in natural will not breed unusual by the quantity of ozone in the air. The ozonosphere spray in the atmospheric which far away from ground to 20~30km. It's main function to protect the human and animal and plant to avoid directly illuminate by UV light.         Besides the quantity of ozone in the field and ocean coast is larger than city, the spring also larger than autumn. The south and north electrode also larger than equator. But because of the industrial develop, and the environment pollution comes with it. The ozone which remains in the natural are fewer than before . Industrial : The generate method of O3 which applicate in Industrial include with : Electrolysis, photochemical, noiseless discharge, radioactive rays illuminate, High cycle dielectric..etc. Most of the people use noiseless discharge for efficient and economics. The material which should prepare for Ozone is the air or O2. The material should be dry to dew point below -50 ℃ ,then through the cooling and filter to send to O3 generator no matter to use which kind of material . To use this procedure for prevent the nitrogen generates. To use O2 as material will creates 2 to 4 times ozone quantity than use air. In this time, the ozone already use normaly in industrial. Such as mineral water, food plant, aquaculture, waste water treatment…etc. And also for home applicants in family. The ozone already brings lots of benefit in human's life.

The function of Ozone. Ozone owns 5 kinds of main function: Kill bacteria, release poison, remain fresh of food, release bad smell, bleach.
1. Kill bacteria: ozone can easy and fast kill the bacteria in air and water. Base on the experience report the bacteria death can reach to 99% in 1~2 minutes when the ozone concentration in the water reach to 0.05PPM 2.Release Poison: The air and water full of lots of poison material such as organic bad smell color, heavy industrial, pesticides..etc. This material can transfer to safe one which harmless to human through ozone's decompose.
3. Remain fresh: Europe and American's already use ozone in the store the fresh of foods for years.
4. Bleach: Ozone is the powerful bleaching agents itself.. The restaurant and washing machines using the ozone to bleach the clothes because of ozone has powerful oxidation capability. 5. Release Smell: Ozone has powerful oxidation capability therefore it can fastly decompose lots of strange smell in air and water.



Is there any side effect of photocatalyst sterilized light ? 1.Photocatalyst Sterilized sheet The import element of photocatalyst sterilized sheet is TiO2, it's chemic stability is. very high. America Food & Drug Administration Organization permit to add TiO2 in the food like chewing gum, chocolate etc…. It is perceived that TiO2 is safe and there is no side effect to human body.   2.Sterilized Light/UV Lamp The use of sterilized light air conditioner is one kind of UV ray, it's wave length is 380mm, belong to UVC, It is different from the wave length 254 mm UVA which is disadvantage for human body. 3. Electric dust collector board To take advantage of needle-point system, releases negative ion to combine with polluter absorbed by this electric board. All the cleaning process is completed in the air conditioner body. So there is no any side effect for human body. Absolutely there is no secondary pollution problem.

What is the advantage of photocatalyst sterilized light science and technology for health. (1) Sterilization. (2) Restrain virus. (3) Super-deodorization (4) Several cleaning functions like dust collection and resist organisms

How does sterilized light kills bacteria Photocatalyst Sterilized light (one kind of UV rays) shined TiO2 to produce oxidation action, use strong chemical reaction to kill bacteria and coagulate virus. According to the Japanese Food Analytic Centre test result, the sterilization rate is higher than 99.99%.

The number one unbeatable rival of bacteria & virus – Photo-catalyst The largest achievement in making Osaka air more clean In March, 1995 Osaka inhabitant accused their local government to feel quite helpless for aggravation of bad air quality. After inhabitant won a lawsuit, Osaka government obeyed expert suggestion used photo-catalyst to clean air, the photo-catalyst paved on the sidewalk and wall made the air better day by day.

The killing fungus principle of Photo-catalyst The main element of photo-catalyst is TiO2 which produced free ion base after UV rays shone and destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, make cytoplasm run off and then oxidize cell nucleus, this function can decompose bacteria and foul smell around. It's killing fungus efficiency is higher than 99.99%, more over it can solidify virus' protein system, make it inactivity. The killing fungus experiment of photo-catalyst Put same quantity of bacteria into culture container (colon bacillus, yellow staphylococcus) use photo-catalyst principle to proceed killing fungus procedure. After 24 hours, have lots of bacteria bred and increased in the culture container without photocatalyst, but there is less than 10 pcs of bacteria in the culture container with photocatalyst killing fungus experiment.

Restrain Virus, Deodorization. Photocatalyst has sterilization function, at the same time it has restrained virus and deodorization efficacy. Restrain virus : Relay on free base produce strong oxidization effect, solidify virus protein system, restrain it's activity. Deodorization: Free base's strong oxidization effect can decompose various smells, for example ammonia (toilet smell), adehyde(smoke smell), styrene (fruit decayed smell), Methanethiol (Methy Mercaptan), and vulcanized hydrogen (halitosis, sewer odor)


Static Electricity dust collect principle (1)To use the positive and negative electrode to attract to each other for static electricity dust collect. To use AC high voltage electricity to through the rectification, and then the positive and negative electrode will generate the high strength power static magnetic field. One of the electrode(Line shape) which has large surface curvature is discharge electrode. Another electrode (Plate shape) is dust collect electrode. To connect the discharge electrode to the power ( negative), and dust collect electrode to the power(positive). Between two electrode will generate a electric field. The ion in the air which exist in the field will move to two electrodes to create the electric current. When the voltage increase the current will variable as different stage. The ion will raise speed when the voltage increase and then reach to the saturated status. When the voltage continuous increase to V0. The surface which discharge electrode will generate the purple ring of light and has sound ( s---). Lots of electron which around the electrode will spread. This is electric halo discharge electricity (2)Because of the electric halo discharge carry with lots of negative ion to move from discharge electrode to dust collect electrode, and the dust will carry with the electricity. The dust which carry with electron generate by electric field coulomb power to move to dust collect electrode. The dust which reach to the dust collect electrode will lose the electric charge and attach with the dust collect electrode. Because of the posative ion will move to discharge electrode. The moving path is shorter, so it can only match with a few dusts to make it carry with electron. Therefore only a few dust will be attach with the posative electrode. This is how the air clean works. The dust which inside the dirty air will be catch to dust collect electrode to make sure the air-clean procedure complete. The dust will be fall by gravity, but also needs to strike the dust collect plate to release the dust into design collect dust case.(3) If the discharge electrode connect with negative electrode, then it will generate the negative electric halo. Reverse will be generate the positive electric halo. In the normal condition the negative voltage will be lower and the current will be higher than positive electric halo. Therefore the the negative electric halo usually use in the industrial. But the positive electric halo has to drive by more power. But the ozone increase quantity only 10% than negative electron discharge. Therefore for human health, the indoor air cleaner usually use positive electron halo as static electric discharge dust collector.


Plasma Discharge Principle    In the 1920 , Mr. Langmuir research the PLASMA issue. In 1929, Mr. Langmuir use this word 「 plasma 」 to describe the phenomenon of ion gas. PLASMA means a part of the gas which has be ionize. The gas carry with the ion which has positive electric charge, and the electron carry with the negative electric discharge and the atom and molecule which has no electric. The PLASMA generates depends on the electron speed inside the electric field, and the electron strike the atom or molecule which has great power to become ion react. The gas atom or molecule separate as two kinds of electron. One of it carry with positive electric and the other one is the original electron. This separate react will increase two freedom electron, and the procedure repeat to create as double. This kind of chain react will make the gas become plasma inside the react area. The original stage of gas plasma stage, the gas separate speed faster than the electron and ion combine as neutral gas. When the separate speed and the combine speed become the same. The electron and ion concentration which inside the plasma was fixed, and generate as balance status which can stable the plasma. If increase the high temperature or speed the electron or ion power of material, then the neutral material will through the encourage, breaking dissociation, ionize..etc react to generate the molecules, atoms,excited species, electrons, positive ion, free radical, Uv light, visible light. Above the material mixed together the status means plasma. The plasma calls the “Fourth Stage” of material because of it is different as solid state, liquid state, gas stage.