High Voltage
  Due to Economic prosperity ,the air pollution getting worse day after day. For improve human health ,more customer care about our breath air quality. For past 30 years, we had been trust by customer design lots of HV solutions for their products. Including Home Appliance/ Automobile / Office and business building use. Through those equipment can purify the air and absorb the dust to give us a fresh air again.


Use HV generate Negative Ion to simulate inner air closed to natural foreast air. The input voltage/ourput voltage/concentration can be assigned by cusomter. You can choose to generate the ion by stainles needle/brush,or designed plate.

Ozone Generator

By small concentration ozone can easily and quicklyremove the bad smell in your home or office. The input/ourput voltage/concentration can be assigned by customer. We use glass or quartz glass as substance, and using corona discharge for generate the ozone. For air purify, the concentration usually lower than 30mg/m3, but we can take design project as your requirement.

UV Lamp + HV Inverter

Use UVC lamp + HV Inverter to generate short wave of UV to killing bacteria, or UVA lamp + HV inverter for photo-catalyst products, by different customer application design products. The mainly purpose to get purify air after treatment

Dust Collector(air purifier and FFU)

Combine cell/plate and HV power to absorb PM0.3~2.5 partical. The HV voltage and plate statement can design as feedback to main CPU, then notify user or customer by simple LED signal or sending to Cloud for announcement. We can provide support from your ideal to controller PCB design and MCU programming.

HV Oil Gas Collector for Business Kitchen

Due to environment requirement, the business kitchen inside the building or night market will require to install HV Oil collector. We had design the power supply for cell, and MCU build inside for checking cell statement.