RD History
High Voltage
1995 ~ 2002
Water AQUA Products Pump/Under water light/Other
Air Purify Automobile Back window stop lights/ Ionizer/ Ozone
Biographic Skin Care Skin Check Lens/Ozone sterilizer
Air Purify Air Conditioning UV light+Inverter High voltage Collector Ionizer
Food Storage Refrigerator Plasma device for food storage
Water Purify Life Convenience Ultrasound device
Air-Purify Dehumidifier De-humidity controller Photo-Catalyst Device
Communication Telecom communication Coin Selector Keyboard Communication Interface Telephone remote controller
Industrial 2.5D Measurement Device Electronic Controller design(Accuracy to 6u)
3C GPS navigator application For Car/Motorcycle/Bicycle
2003 ~ 2010
Food Storage Food transportation Container transportation with GPS monitor Ionizer (Turkey)
Water Purify Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Purify Solution
Water Purify Government water agency project Waste Water Purifier/ Fish pond sterilization
Kitchen Solution Dish Dryer Rang Hood Oven-Magnetic Cooker Ozone Generator Motor driver Magnetic Power Source Ignition Touch control panel
Medical Rehabilitation equipment Electronic controller for rehabilitation device ( Robot arm/leg) Muscle Training device controller
Semiconductor Chip manufacturing process equipment Anti-Static products( Eliminator) Spin Rinse Dryer high voltage generator E-Chuck power supply
Food Storage Expensive food material storage
-- Fish ( Sashimi)
-- Beef
-- Cake
Electric Field generator power supply
2011 ~ 2018
Air-Purify Life Convenience Automobile Dust Collector with signal to connection with car control center LED Lamp Motor for backgear
Industrial Commercial Kitchen Waste gas and OIL HV collector(CE Apprval)
Environment Earth protection Non-Mercury Lamp by Europe lab
Non-Electricity Ozone
Portable air conditioning
Solar water heater
Car waste gas ignition system
Air purify Full product Design Air purifier with HV collector
Air purifier by Ozone purifier
IOT ( Industrial 4.0) Equipment data collection Choose sensor and design controller to monitor production equipment data to cloud for customer analization