Food Storage
  HV Power supply can be use in food storage application.

Ozone Cell + Electronic Monitor system

We had support customer to build ozone system into colling container for vessel shipment. Before installation, the expensive materials, such as Cherry, blue berry...etc will be damage by freezeing or having bacteria. With our system install, we can track the ozone c oncentration/Temp/Humidity to make sure the environment suitable for food transporation. Then customer can save lots of unnecessary transporation lost.

Electronic field generator

By correct design of HV generator, it can crease an electronic field which keep plant as fresh as just taken from farm. And if cover by this field, the beef and fish meat can be easily cutting by knife without unfreeze. The products can be design inside the home refregirator/ business refregirator/ Cake storage case or Whole warehouse building with suitable loading (shelf) design
Due to NDA requirement, we are not allowed to show customer's products picture. For more detail understanding, please contact with us