Water Purify
High Voltage
  20 years ago,most of people drinking water from home or office only. There has only rare water purify device . But currently industrial rasing ,more people care about our drinking water quality ,and how to deal with waste water to provide our earth environment . Here are our products for your reference .

Ozone Generator (Retail)

Currently our popular model of ozone generator is 1-SKO3-110500B (110V), and 1-SKO3-230500B (220V).Which selling worldwide . Concentration 500mg/m3 (About 250ppm). You can order by retail or mass production . Please contact with us for more specification .

Ozone Generator(Design)

We are able to take order from 1mg~120g/m3 ozone equipment by your requirement. Please send us project requirement by mail

UV Light + HV Inverter

Use UVC lamp + HV Inverter to kill bacteria when water running through the lamp surface. We can support stable power source for UVC lamp power generation.

Electrolysis Power Supply

With PFC circuit to design power board which can generate 120W~180W for Electrolysis plate active. This project will need customer provide Electrolysis plate, and detail specification to complete analyze.